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California Regional Data Centers

The Regional Data Centers are assistance centers to receive, transform, process, and pass on data according to regional needs. Collectively, the RDCs provide six core services: upload and check data, store and manage data, exchange data, access data, coordinate and transfer technology, and integrate data.

Regional Data Center Service Areas: This document includes a map of the RDC service areas and contact information.

MPSL-MLML Data Center - The Moss Landing Regional Data Center is housed at the Marine Pollution Studies Laboratory at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MPSL-MLML). The MLML regional data center is working with data generators along California's central coast to standardize and submit their ambient water quality data into the CEDEN system.

SCCWRP Data Center - The Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP) is a research institute in southern California focused on providing decision makers and other stakeholders with scientific information they need to manage coastal and watershed resources. The SCCWRP Data Center collects and collates ambient water quality data from the southern California region.

SFEI Data Center - The San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) fills the niche between environmental science and environmental management and policy, and delivers scientific information to a wide range of stakeholders in dynamic and compelling ways. The SFEI data center provides data management and visualization services to the San Francisco Bay-Delta and northern montane regions.

Central Valley Regional Data Center – The Central Valley Regional Data Center (CV RDC) is being managed through Michael L. Johnson, LLC (MLJ-LLC). MLJ-LLC is dedicated to building partnerships among various stakeholders with the goal of developing innovative solutions for improving environmental quality utilizing innovative research, robust monitoring designs and effective data management. The CV RDC works with data generators within the Central Valley and specifically with the Region 5 Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program to standardize and submit their ambient water quality data into the CEDEN system.

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