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Regional Monitoring Program

Project Description Project Dates: 1993-ongoing

The RMP has produced a world-class dataset on estuarine contaminants. Monitoring performed in the RMP determines spatial patterns and long-term trends in contamination through sampling of water, sediment, bivalves, bird eggs, and fish, and evaluates toxic effects on sensitive organisms and chemical loading to the Bay. The Program combines RMP data with data from other sources to provide for comprehensive assessment of chemical contamination in the Bay. The RMP provides information targeted at the highest priority questions faced by managers of the Bay.

Stable funding has enabled the RMP to develop long-term plans. In addition Pilot and Special Studies provide an opportunity to adapt to changing management priorities and advances in scientific understanding.

Monitoring Objectives

This new generation of questions will guide the RMP during its next five years and set the stage for adjustments to the monitoring program, designing special studies capable of testing specific hypotheses prior to implementing management actions or revising policies, and communicating key messages to policy-makers and the public.

  1. Are chemical concentrations in the Estuary at levels of potential concern and are associated impacts likely?
  2. What are the concentrations and masses of contaminants in the Estuary and its segments?
  3. What are the sources, pathways, loadings, and processes leading to contaminant-related impacts in the Estuary?
  4. Have the concentrations, masses, and associated impacts of contaminants in the Estuary increased or decreased?
  5. What are the projected concentrations, masses, and associated impacts of contaminants in the Estuary?

Survey Area - Sediment and Water Sampling Locations (1993-2007)

San Francisco Bay Map San Francisco Bay Map

Contact Agency

San Francisco Estuary Institute

Contact Person

RMP Project Manager

Contact Number

(510) 746-7334

Data Collected

Water Chemistry
Sediment Chemistry
Sediment Toxicity
Benthic Macrofauna
Sportfish Chemistry
Bivalve Chemistry
Bird egg chemistry
Water Column Nutrients
Water Column CTD

Available Reports

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