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New Controlled Vocabulary Request Template

In order to add new controlled vocabulary to CEDEN, we must also collect metadata about the value so we know that it isn’t a duplicative value and we know when and how it should be used. The request template is an Excel workbook containing a worksheet for each of the Lookup Lists for which a value can be added.

Once you open the workbook, navigate to the tab with the same name as the list you are trying to add to. For example, if you want to add a new analytical method to CEDEN, you would scroll through the tabs until you reach the tab entitled “Methods.” Tabs highlighted orange contain business rules and examples of how to enter a new value. Additional information can be found in the "Notes" tab of the workbook and tips regarding controlled vocabulary are below.

Within each tab, columns highlighted green are required for each new row that you enter, representing the new value that you are requesting. Multiple values on multiple lists can be requested at one time. It is helpful to move the tabs which contain requests to the front of the workbook or highlight the tab a different color, as well as specify which lists you are requesting additions to, when you submit the file to the CEDEN mailbox.

Tips For Requesting New Controlled Vocabulary


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